My Hope


My hope is to love without fear and be loved the same. Lie in the fields of lust and feel the power of ecstasy as it flows over my body. Love me with your talents and do not hurt me anymore. My feelings have bled upon dry ground and inside my darkest secrets have torn the flesh from my bones. Hurt and pain should never win out and that I will fight to sustain.

Please break the glass and sharpen your tongue and make love as if we were virgins in the first erection. My heart races as you touch my soul and I feel the tears as the burn my skin as they fall upon my chest. Breaking from the inside out is nothing new as the bleeding begins again and I feel the shortness of breath come back to my throat. Please stop the pain I pray. Thanks for all the pain I feel as I slip into the night and cry as the night deepens into neverland,

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